Our sardines come from a country that has a real passion for sardines. If you’re visiting a coastal area of Portugal during the summer months, you’ll never be far away from the intoxicating smell of grilled sardines on a charcoal barbecue. In some towns, you’ll even find festivals dedicated to the grilled sardine.
To ensure they only eat the absolute best sardines, they are only caught at certain times of the year and frozen at the port of landing in Portugal. With Jack Hook Seafood, you can recreate a Portuguese summer at home with these delicious sardines. They are very easy to cook, why not try stuffing them with baby spinach and lemon zest before grilling.

Additional Information:

- The sardines are raw, whole and cleaned

- Each pack weighs 800g and contains approximately 14-15 sardines per bag

- Storage: Freeze (-18 degrees  or below)

- Origin: Portugal

Roasted Sardines

Source: Jamie Oliver

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Once we receive your order, it is prepared to your requirements by one of the highly experienced members of our team. After the seafood is sealed to prevent leakage and contamination, we will apply a label highlighting important information such as the product name, origin, use by/best before date, storage advice, weight and batch number. Thereafter, ice sheets or thermal packaging will be used to keep your seafood cold during transit.

If your seafood is delivered in Leicester by one of our drivers, we will aim to deliver within 48 hours. Each of our own delivery vehicles are fitted with a temperature controlled unit to maintain the quality of our products.

If you are based out of Leicester, we will also aim to deliver your order within 48 hours. Our courier operates overnight for your next day delivery. Seafood ordered by 9pm can be delivered to your door the next day by 6pm.

Although we always try to deliver within 48 hours, all deliveries are dictated by availability of our products and delivery schedules.

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