What is Sustainability?

We regularly hear the word sustainability come up when discussing seafood, but what does it actually mean? Keeping it simple, sustainability is about the future, and sustainability of seafood is an ongoing process to maintain its availability indefinitely.

Sustainable seafood is seafood which has been caught or farmed in a way which usually focuses on three areas:

  1. Seafood stock – Fishing at a level where there is ample fish left in the sea, so fish can reproduce, ensuring seafood stock isn’t depleted.
  2. Environmental impact – Fishing activity must take into consideration the wider marine environment such as plants, animals and habitats to ensure they can flourish and support life.
  3. Fisheries management – Fishing operations must follow relevant laws and be capable of adapting to ever changing environmental circumstances. This allows seafood resources to be safeguarded and people’s livelihood protected for the future.

Jack Hook Seafood and Sustainability 

We at Jack Hook Seafood place a great deal of emphasis on sustainability when sourcing our seafood and this is apparent through our in depth buying policy. Through our buying policy, we only purchase from suppliers that demonstrate that they share our views on sustainability. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that seafood will always be available for future generations to enjoy.